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(30% of all sale proceeds will be donated to HER Fund


Mother’s Day Special: Make Equality, Reality This Mother’s Day


At HER Fund, Mother’s Day is a time to say thanks not only to biological moms. But to further recognise the good women in your life who have been taking part in shaping this version of you today.⁣ Mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, sisters, aunties, the next-door neighbour who taught you about feminism/gender equality – to us, they all count. This year, we recommend you with our most genuine selections, to make a true gift of giving.


Can you recall who taught you the first lesson about gender equality in your life? The insight, memories and the person herself are your resources to bloom as a beautiful woman. Give the roses a special and authentic meaning only between you and your good women! 30% of the full proceeds from sales will be donated to HER Fund to support women leaders' empowerment and development. 


Through making grants and providing professional skills training to strengthen the inner strength of these young and mature women leaders, we hope to gather as rich resources as we can to enable them to access to resources to continue their contributions in promoting public awareness on different women’s rights and issues, and at the same, empowering them to be the next good women to benefit more girls, women and trans people in Hong Kong.


The area of projects HER Fund granted and workshops provided to HER grantee partners include but not limited to public awareness campaign to eliminate misinterpretation towards LBTQI+ community, violence against women,  provide emergency support to women under COVID-19, enhance their skills and confidence to public speeches, self-awareness in feminist leadership etc.


Take this special day with this special service to surprise your good women and expand their spirit by giving a true gift of giving to all other young girls and women that might possibly need the same good insight in life.⁣



9 Hot Pink Infinity Roses in our clear acrylic jewellery box with pull out drawer. All arrangements will come in our signature velvet box, a complimentary gift card and ribbon.


Real roses that last a year. 


Perfect for displaying beautifully on your bed side table or dresser. It can be used as a jewellery box or a make up box and more. A unique way to store your valuables. You can even remove the lid to freshen the room with their fresh rose scent.


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Mother's Day Special HER FUND x Belle and Bloom